5 ways art can help/help/support YOU!

Art Is not just drawing well.


🌞One of my favorite things about art is that it can be music, make up, or construction of some thing, fashion, or how you plate your food or, a vision that comes to life bc of you being the vessel to birth it.


🌞IT ALL can impact & empower your confidence & soul & expression & YOUR STORY.


🌞Let’s talk Performance art. Like Rihanna. Sam smith. Gaga. How can it bless YOU???


⭐️Visual &movement & colors & expression and performing/visual art is a metaphor for life themes that we all experience.

It opens up a way to heal, explore, come Home to yourself, find your inner creativity, and empower something inside of you that can’t be done with words or your average everyday tools/things.


⭐️How you walk is art.

⭐️The tone of your voice is art.

⭐️Your life and being is art.

⭐️Asking a group of kids to sketch their own personal playground is art because they are going to infuse it with their own personal experiences, ideas, expression, and story/perspective.

⭐️How you tend to your garden is art.



Rihanna. Her dancers & visual production stole the show. PERIOD.

It is her same choreographer that does her FENTY fashions shows. https://youtu.be/HjBo--1n8lI


👊🏽Sam Smith’s Brit awards/Grammy show is performance art. https://youtu.be/0V0t1ilC97w


👊🏽Lady gaga too. https://youtu.be/aTo_5LRqBx4


👊🏽banksy really pisses people off but huge message there https://youtu.be/DrhHCeRP03Q


🎉If you’re not familiar with visual/performance art, and you think Art is just painting or making clay pieces or “well he is wearing devil horns in that performance, so it is wrong” is your interpretation of Grammys ——-I LOVINGLY invite you to watch “the village” movie by M night Shyamalan or “get out” by Jordan peele.


🎉It’s entertaining. Amazing movies. Grabs your attention. it’s entertainment. There’s music supervisors, staging, lighting, crews, and acting but they’re *telling a greater and bigger message/story as well. In EVERYTHING From what they decide to put on the refrigerator in the background to the music that is playing during a scene. * Sometimes political, sometimes spiritual, and sometimes universal. AND MORE.


🎉And performance art has a history and started in the 1910s and really became talked about In the 1970s with cabaret.




1-Art/music etc supports YOU! Expression, dance, movement AND TELLING A STORY in ways that are outside of the box (like your clothes or your make up or your facial expressions or the set up of your home or how you you walk )


It moves energy that doesn’t have words, out of your body and recycles into another form that can benefit yourself and others!


2-to watch countless youth and people, walk into my class anxious/nervous and open up and release and GO THERE BC of music, art, + movement is a gift.

You see their UNIQUE essence & being COME OUT BOLDY WITH JOY before the world told them Who to be and how to move through the world.

And it’s spiritual. We can be dropping it like it’s hot to Snoop Dogg and people will start crying bc something is shifting in their spiritual energy. It Just took movement and unleashed energy as a doorway to Make it, make total sense!


3-YOU FEEL PROUD OF YOUR SELF. Not bc a teacher or parent noticed or a boss or the world or family or friends noticed.

  • You are doing something with your mind body and soul on your own and carry that into life!! Confidence 110%. Inside job. Makes you TRUST yourself & speaks to your inner self.


4-Arts heal, it inspires, stimulates storytelling , 110% creates confidence, an outlet to express self and feelings, gives momentum to health & body & learning outside of the box bc brain learns in new ways, therapeutic, and it is fun. Did I mention RELEASING & HEALING!?


5- I’ll add that Rihanna showed up as ENOUGH. she didn’t do a costume change. she hardly danced. she was lip-synching. She still believed that she was ENOUGH and that showing up was enough and that’s the greater message .





*My life coaching, when you rock with me for awhile & are changing your life—-involves tools that include art and music as healing assignments. Www.theswstudio.com


*any work out/hiphop class you do with me IS life-changing.

you’ll carry that energy into every aspect of your LIFE.

It’s how you feel about YOU. A weight or a sit up won’t do that for you. A feeling will.



*And food is a love language.Diets are bullsh&t and keep you stuck in restriction, that you’re not enough, and you’re something to be fixed.

When you really learn to replace ingredients/what happens in your body, it’s a lifestyle change thar affects your worth/value and you taps into your unconditional self love, stops the inner critic, and bad ass mode is activated!



YOU ARE AN ARTIST. Think outside of the box today and let me know what that looks like for you.!!??


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